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What are the country's telephone number to get bought GeMobile card?

  • You will receive an Estonian number, which starts with +372.


What is the price of calls to GeMobile card from other networks?

  • Of all the other networks, for calls to GeMobile number, the price per minute is so as to make a call to Estonia (according to your calling plan) irrespective of where the GeMobile user is at the time,
  • via the Internet to this number, you can send SMS messages for free.


Is there a subscription fee, an expiry date?

  • No subscription fees. Card validity - unlimited, but it is necessary to replenish the balance at least once every 24 months. If the last call or the addition of 24 months, the SIM card is automatically canceled and could not be restored.


How to make calls from phones that do not support the "callback" function?

  • Dial * 146 * desired subscriber's phone number, # and press the call button (eg .: * 146 * # 007495xxxxxxx).


How GeMobile subscribers pay, talking to each other?

  • EU countries - 0,29EUR / min and elsewhere - for the calculation of outgoing call rates.



About the problem with new phones

  • During the tests of new handset models we discovered that on majority of GeSIM cards the compatibility mode does not work automatically. The existing problem occurred on some OS Android Smartphones, for example on Samsung Galaxy S3.In case You encounter this problem it will be impossible to send USSD message (make a call or check balance) or there is a an additional system message that will appear on screen that displays the following: "MMI code".


  • Please note that this problem does not occur in Samsung galaxy S4 and galaxy S2.To solve this problem please go to TezGSM menu and enter compatibility code 1101 ( Apps>Sim menu> Settings> ok>1101, after you enter the code on the screen you will see the message CC Option: ON).



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