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Operational Manual - initialisation.
  • Carefully press out the SIM card from the plastic holder and insert the card in your unlocked GSM mobile phone as instructed in the phone's user manual
  • turn on your phone
  • if your phone prompts you to enter a PIN, then enter the four digits PIN-code (the PIN-code is printed on the back of the GeSIM card holder)
  • Your phone will now have a new telephone number that works in 180 countries
  • let your friends, family and business colleagues know your new international travel number
  • You are now ready to start making and receiving calls at a fraction of the costs from all over the world.



Operational Manual - outgoing Calls.
  • Dial your destination number. When entering the number you wish to call make sure to include << + >> or << 00 >> in front of the number you area dialling, followed by the country code and local number. (For instance: if your destination number is in Sweden dial +46 (country code) plus the local number
  • Press << Call >> and you will see „Wait for call“ displayed on the screen
  • In a few seconds you will receive a call, just answer the phone regularlYou will hear the balance/credit of your account and your conversation will start!
  • You can also call directly from your phone's phonebook – please make sure that you stored the numbers from your contacts including the correct country code ( for instance: +46 or 0046 for Sweden ).



Operational Manual - balance verification.


  •  Dial 099,
  •   press << Call >> („ to make a call“),.
  •  Your GeSIM balance will be displayed on the screen.


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