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Skaitmeninės DVB televizijos imtuvai (DVB-T)

Nokia 210 T Nokia 210 T

Transmission Standards DVB, MPEG 2, OFDM
RF input Modulator output
In-/output connector IEC female / IEC male
RF input frequency 174-300; 474-862 MHz
RF input power level -78 to -30 dBm
RF impedance 75Ω
Frequency range Loop through 47-862MHz
Frequency range RF modulator 470-862 MHz
Output channel CH 21-69
Preset channel 43
Output signal PAL G, I, SECAM
Demodulation Supports 2k and 8k
Video output 1 Vpp ( 1 dB) / 75Ω
Audio output 0.5 Vrms / RL >10 kΩ
RGB output Internal RGB
RGB bandwidth 5.8 MHz 3 dB
Fast blanking output Internal
Status output 0/6/12 V / RL 10 kΩ
Video output 1 Vpp ( 1 dB) / 75Ω
Video input 1 V pp / 75Ω
Audio output 0.5 Vrms / RL >10 kΩ
Audio input 0.5 Vrms / RL >10 kΩ
Status input 0/6/12 V / RL >10 kΩ
Connector 1 x RCA
Connector 2 x RCA (R+L)
Output 0.5 Vrms 0.5 dB/ RL 10 kΩ
SERIAL (RS 232) Serial data
Connector 9-pin D-sub male
Signals RS232, max. 115,2 kbit/s
Pin 1 DCD (Data carrier detect) not connected
2 RXD (Receive data)
3 TXD (Transmit data)
4 DTR (Data terminal ready) Set to high
5 GND (Signal ground)
6 DSR (Data set ready) not connected
7 RTS (Ready to send)
8 CTS (Clear to send)
9 RI (Ring indicator) not connected
Conditional Access system:
For 210 T and 212 T: One slot on the left side for a Common Interface CA module (DVB and PCMCIA Standards).
For 212 T only: The right card slot is intended for a Viaccess smart card.
Front panel Two LED; Buttons: "Power on/off", "up", "down"
General data
The model code, variant and serial number, are located on a label on the underside of the housing.
Supply voltage 110-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz
Power consumption max 10 W
Power consumption in standby 5 W
Operating temperature +5 C to +45 C
Storage temperature - 40 C to +65 C
Humidity 25 to 75 % rel humidity
Operating distance for remote control About 10 meters
Dimensions (w x d x h) 251 x 262 x 95 mm
Weight 1100 g. approx.
SCART sockets
Audio out right ch. Audio out right ch.
- Audio in right ch.
Audio out left ch. Audio out left ch.
Audio ground Audio ground
RGB blue ground -
- Audio in left ch.
RGB blue signal out -
Switch voltage out Switch voltage in
RGB green ground -
Connect to pin 10 in AUX scart
RGB green signal out -
- -
RGB red ground -
Fast blank. ground Fast blank. ground
RGB red signal out -
Fast blanking out -
Video out ground Video out ground
- Video in ground
Video out Video out
- Video in
Ground (casing) Ground (casing)

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